There’s Something About Anikka

I think it is probably common knowledge that I love Anikka Albrite.  Not love as in “Awww I just love that Anikka Albrite,” but that goosebumpy love, where you get weak in the knees, and, in my case, this weird urge to make her pregnant even though she and I are both females.  I love everything about her, and before I get super creepy I should probably move on and discuss her as a performer.

I LOVE Anikka

I LOVE Anikka

Ok, so Anikka is an outstanding performer. It’s not just because she’s hot looking, though that certainly helps.  She’s present, and sincere.  She has joy in her eyes, and you don’t just see that she loves sex–you feel it as well.  She doesn’t just desire to connect with her partner sexually–there is a desire to connect on a purely human level, too.  That is, when she looks into her partner’s eyes, it’s not just lust that I see, but recognition of her partner as a person–not an object. Anikka conveys a vulnerability that makes her lovable and relatable.  When I use the word “vulnerability” I don’t mean weakness, I mean accessibility, accessibility in a way where she is leaving herself open.  I think her kindness comes across in her scenes, her gentleness.


I’ve come to realize that the performers who have a lasting impression on me–the ones I want to watch, enjoy shooting and working with, are those I find accessible. Haughty and hard never did anything for me.  All I want to do is break them (in a domme sense). They feel arid to me–that’s the only way I can describe it.  The accessible ones feel lush, and I want to know them–both in the biblical sense and as people.  Anikka embodies this perfectly.  The first time I shot her for Sweetheart, it was in the first Analingus title. She was neither tentative nor forceful with Sandy–just languid. She was enjoying herself.  After this scene she went on to do more scenes: Wet Panties Trib and Girls Kissing Girls.  Each scene is sincere and lovely to watch.


Now that I’ve talked about her outstanding performing abilities I’d like to go back to being creepy: I totally wish I could make her pregnant. I wish I could combine DNA with her. There–I said it!


Now do yourself a favor and go watch her scenes.  Anikka, if you’re reading this…CALL me…*wink*


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Lesbians In Charge & Ms. Dana DeArmond

“Lesbians In Charge” is a brand new title and recent release I directed for Sweetheart Video.  I’m really excited about it, as I’m a fan of aggressive lesbian sex and also because it was the first time I got to work with Dana DeArmond.  Her scene in the movie is with Karlie Montana, and both of them are insanely good.   Dana plays a snarky mean girl and Karlie is her workout pal.  Dana chides Karlie, telling her that her butt is too big, and the two get into a tussle with Dana dominating Karlie until the fighting turns to passionate lovemaking.

Dana V & Dana D

I’ve had the pleasure of shooting Dana D numerous times now, and love what she brings to the Sweetheart movies.  She is an amazing actress, as can be seen in Lesbian Babysitters 8, and has a strong, raw sexual energy and presence that brings to mind Joan Crawford combined with Grace Jones.  Dana D is a little scary…but in a good way.  Pairing her with Karlie Montana was a great idea (if I do say so myself), because watching them discover each other (it was their first time together) and get intimate was such a fucking turn-on.  Dana D can’t help but challenge her partners.  It’s like she’s daring them to stop her, as she gets as deep as possible inside of them both physically and mentally.

After shooting her in this title, I went on to cast her in Lesbian Babysitters 8, Lesbian Analingus 2, and a few other titles.  She really brings something deep and dark and lovely to the movies.  Dana’s like the girl I fell in love with in college, the snarky, brainy girl at the café on the corner, and the bitchy bartender you want to bang but who won’t give you the time of day.  She is accessible and not.  I feel like I know her, but she’s a mystery at the same time—this is why she is so much fun to watch in a scene.

Dana D on set for Lesbian Analingus 2

Dana D is also in Lesbians in Charge 2 with Aiden Ashley, which is releasing soon.  Aiden is Dana’s business partner, who tries to buy out Dana’s share of the company.  Dana doesn’t take it very well, and shows Aiden who is in charge, so to speak.  The chemistry between these two was unbelievable, and there is quite a bit of attention paid to feet, which was ridiculously hot.

Dana DeArmond and Karlie Montana

I asked Dana D to marry me, but she turned me down. 🙁

At least I have these pictures to keep me warm at night.

With Aiden Ashley in Lesbians in Charge 2

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The Pleasure of Learning in Porn

“The more you know, the more you realize you know nothing”


The other day I had the opportunity to sit with a legendary figure in porn as he edited a movie.  He pointed out certain choices he’d made for shots, and showed me different techniques he’d used to achieve specific effects.  As he did all of this he would shrug and say things like, “Well…you know…this part was a mistake,” or “I had to decide between doing it this way or doing it another way.”  Everything looked perfect to me, and perhaps I was a little too biased, as he was and still is my hero.  I was struck by how, even as he’d achieved probably the highest status one could hope to achieve in this industry, he still saw himself as learning.  He hasn’t lost the ability to wonder, or experiment, or take risks.

I’ll never forget learning how to shoot sex.  I had just gotten the green light to shoot my first ever movie and went to Manuel Ferrara for advice.  There were dos and don’ts of shooting gonzo sex—certain angles that were most flattering, and certain cut points that made life easier for the editor.  Manuel had been shooting for a few years, and had just begun shooting for Evil Angel, so I trusted him to give me sound advice.  He told me to bring my camera into the bedroom, where he was bedridden with the flu.  I brought my camera into the room, and he pulled back the covers and grabbed our cat’s giant stuffed polar bear from the floor.  The bear’s name was JoJo, and he was basically a sex toy for our cat, which liked to drag the giant stuffed animal throughout the house and then periodically hump it.  One time Manuel and I dressed the bear in lingerie, but that’s another story.  Anyway, Manuel pulled JoJo off the floor and instructed me to turn my camera on.  He then gave me a tutorial, where he demonstrated sex positions with JoJo and told me where to best position my camera.  To this day I cannot shoot a reverse cowgirl without picturing Manuel humping a giant, stuffed polar bear.

My first gonzo shooting instructor Manuel Ferrara

Bear humping aside, Manuel gave me the most important piece of advice, which was “take your time to get what you need,” and “shoot what you like to see.”  After learning the fundamentals back in 2006, I’ve begun experimenting a bit with the way I shoot the sex, as well as my intros.  I am still a fan of the roving camera, and shooting without cuts whenever possible, but my focus has broadened somewhat.  Sometimes it’s fun to shoot against the light a little, and sometimes it’s fun to not white balance.  Sometimes I stay wide through most of the scene.  It all depends on the scene and mood.

“You know how you’re not supposed to mix tungsten and daylight?” My legendary hero had said the other day.  “Do it if it makes sense for what you’re doing. “ I understood where he was going: be bold.  Make bold choices.  Keep learning.


No post is complete with out some g/g images to enjoy!

The unbridled passion of Maddy O'Reilly & Brooklyn Lee

If you care to learn through my camera lens please check out my newest release from Sweetheart Video, Sinn Sage In – Lesbian Adventures Wet Panties Trib 3 and another I’m really proud of, Lesbians In Charge. I finally got to unleash the domineering energies of the ladies. It was so amazing to watch and hard for me not to join in.

For more on my new Sweetheart releases follow @milehighmovies and me @danavespoli.


Dana in Charge! grrr 😉

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Keeping it Real

I had dinner with someone recently—someone who is not in the adult industry, and, if he is to be believed, a person who rarely watches porn.  He asked how it was possible for two people who don’t know each other, or who are not attracted to each other, to have sex…and on camera no less.  It was a little jarring to be asked this question, in part because I think I have become a bit jaded, and also because having sex with someone I don’t know is not something I find peculiar.  I mean, I have had my fair share of one-night stands, and that doesn’t even include my super slutty college years.  I looked at my friend, whom I will heretofore refer to as “Louis,” and said, “What’s so weird about fucking someone you don’t know?” He conceded that, sure, we sometimes fuck people we don’t know, and admitted to having fucked prostitutes in Amsterdam back when he was at University, but what about the attraction thing? I sat back in my chair.  This question required some thought.

Dana & Carley Chase

Am I attracted to everyone I work with on camera? The answer is no.  Do I need to be attracted to everyone I perform with to enjoy the scene? The answer is also no.  Are other performers attracted to everyone they work with on camera? I can’t answer that question, but I suspect not.  When Louis asked me how it was possible for me to have sex on camera with people to whom I had no physical attraction I realized my answer may not make sense to him, but it made perfect sense to me and also explained a lot of why I shoot porn and why I enjoy fucking on camera: I’m a pervert.  “There is always something that turns me on.  If it’s not the person I’m with, or something about them—eyes, level of kinkiness, hands, whatever, then it’s the director, or what he/she wants me to do, or how turned on he/she is by what I’m doing.” Sometimes there is nothing, but it’s rare.

When I came into the industry in 2003, the focus was on extremity.  How far can we go? How many cocks can we fit into one girl’s asshole? Can we get a bat in there? How much can a girl take? If a girl wasn’t screaming or talking non-stop in a scene then she was a lackluster performer.  Sometimes I found intimacy, but it wasn’t the driving force of a scene.  If things became too quiet the director would demand “more energy! Talk dirty! Do something!” The sex often became a spectacle—the more acrobatic the better.  I’m just not a screamer.  Never have been, and probably never will be.  If you ever hear me screaming or talking crazy smack in a scene, then it’s because the director told me to.  The fact that there was ever a demand for what I refer to as Acrobatic banshee sex makes me question if the consumers had ever actually had sex, or if they were all creepy virgins living in their parents’ basement.  This is not to say that I never enjoyed the rough sex—on the contrary—some of my best scenes were very rough, but the directors understood that, within the scenes, the performers needed a moment to connect with each other: quiet whispering, long gazes into each other’s eyes, deep kissing (without the fucking).  These directors valued the connection between two people, and understood how it enhanced the scene.

When I began shooting and performing again last year, I was delighted to discover that the trend had moved from the carnival sex scenes to more intimate, or “romance” sex scenes.  Before directing for Sweetheart I had had the benefit of performing in a few of their movies for Nica Noelle.  I was struck by how different everything felt—how important it was to establish a seduction, and to draw out that first kiss.  This felt foreign to me, but also exciting.  As a director I enjoy writing the scenes—creating moments of longing, awkward silences, and watching the performers tentatively kiss.  These kinds of scenes—whether for the gay or straight genre—permit a connection between the performers.  It also allows the viewer to identify with what is happening.  Essentially, this kind of porn is relatable.  I believe that it speaks to our inherent desire and need for intimacy in all of its incarnations.  Philosophically speaking, I think that consumers of porn have reached a saturation point with the ultra hardcore.  There will always be a market for it, of course, but we seem to need something more—something that captures our imagination rather than distracts us with over-the-top sexual positions and caterwauling.  The romance genre (for lack of a better name) requires two primary things from its performers: to slow down and connect.  When I direct a scene and watch what happens between two people as they take their time and look into each other’s eyes, it is really quite lovely.  I sometimes feel shy, which is a big deal for someone who shot a movie called Cum Fart Cocktails for Red Light District.  It’s funny how removed we become watching a spectacle, and how involved we become when we recognize ourselves in something as seemingly innocuous as a kiss or a gaze, or a fumbling gesture of desire.

Samantha Ryan and Celeste Star for Sweetheart

Anikka Albrite & Sandy for Sweetheart

So, back to my dinner with Louis and the question of attraction… I concluded that, when my partner lets me in, and I, in turn, let him or her in, we find something in each other that is appealing, and ultimately satisfying.  With one girl it was her scrunchy-nosed smile, and with another it was her adorable slight overbite.  With one guy it was his smell, and with another it was his sweet nervousness.  When I slow down and connect, there is an opportunity to find a bit of myself in my partner, and when that happens anything is possible.

Follow Dana on twitter @danavespoli and more on her new Sweetheart releases @milehighmovies

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An American in Paris

I’m writing this blog from Paris, or, more specifically, from a suburb just Southeast of Paris.  I’m halfway through my trip and it’s time for me to book scenes for upcoming shoots in L.A. I will be spending a few evenings drafting budgets and writing scripts so that when I get back home, everything will be ready to go.

I refer to myself as an “accidental Francophile” because I sort of fell into circumstances that led to my allegiance to this country and culture.  In high school I’d wanted to learn Spanish, because it seemed more practical, but French was the only language course that fit into my schedule.  After my first year, I showed a real aptitude for the language and skipped a level the following year.  I continued to study French in college, and then either by virtue of knowing the language or some unseen forces I found myself  (romantically and otherwise) in relationships with French people visiting the United States.  As a performer/director I’ve had the pleasure of shooting and working with some outstanding French talent: Liza Del Sierra, Melissa Lauren, Ian Scott, Greg Centauro, Lou Charmelle, and Manuel Ferrara. I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with Katsuni very soon, as she is on my short list of performers with whom I would like to shoot.  There is a very matter-of-fact approach to sex and to shooting sex that I’ve observed while shooting French performers—an aspect I’ve seen reflected in the culture itself.  I’ve always said that what I love most about French culture is that it manages to be both incredibly cynical and hopelessly romantic at the same time.  It’s a culture that bluntly acknowledges that transgressions are part of human nature and to be expected (Mais bien sur!) while looking deeply into your eyes.

I love Liza Del Sierra

I’ve had the pleasure of shooting Liza Del Sierra three times: once for Manuel Ferrara’s Phat Bottom Girls series, and then for Red Light District and Sweetheart Video.  Liza is beautiful with and without makeup—Manuel has compared her to Marion Cotillard, a description that is not far off at all—and as a performer she is intense and amazing.  Her body seems designed for sex.  Her rump is round and bouncy, made to grab, squeeze and fuck; her breasts are full and ripe.  She has an inviting mouth and her eyes are big, bright and searching.  I stared into them while fucking her ass POV with a strap-on. It was incredibly gratifying.  Add to this her throaty voice, which is sexy, especially when she laughs.  I think she should do books on tape.  If she read Proust’s “Remebrance Of Things Past” out loud to me, I think I could actually finish it.  She’s a very vocal performer—though not in a way that I find distracting.  Her cries during sex are earnest declarations of passion and pleas: Vas-y putain!

Sinn Sage & Liza Del Sierra for Sweetheart

Liza, James Deen and London Keyes hot 3 way!

I shot Liza with Michael Stefano and then with James Deen and London Keyes in a 3-way.  She was so extraordinary that I decided to put her with Sinn Sage for Sweetheart, to see how she would do in a girl/girl only situation.  If you read my last blog post, then you know that I think Sinn Sage is the greatest thing since Xanax and drive-thru Starbucks.  Watching her with Liza was unbelievable.  There are a lot of situations where Sinn is called upon to “carry” a scene—when her partner has lukewarm energy, is nervous and/or inexperienced.  Liza proved to be a welcome respite, meeting Sinn each step of the way throughout the scene with hot wet kisses, jaw-dropping ass play and passionate oral sex.  I’m always happy when the scene is finished but the girls want to keep going, and these two were seriously sex-drunk.

I would love to fuck Liza myself one of these days.  Maybe the next time she comes to L.A. I had partial sex with her in the intro to the scene with James Deen and London Keyes, and it was awesome.  I want to eat flan off of her stomach while drinking espresso.  I’m totally serious.

Speaking of flan, I’m obsessed with it.  I wake up every morning and have a moment of anxiety where I think “what if, for some reason, I can’t have flan today? What am I going to do?” There are these boulangeries called Paul—they’re like a chain—all over Paris, and that’s where I often procure my flan.  You can find them in the train stations, too.


This concludes my blog post.  I need more coffee…and flan.

follow my everyday fun @danavespoli and @milehighmovies for more Sweetheart Video releases by me!

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Sinn Sage is A Force To Be Reckoned With

Last July I shot my first movie in four years. The title is Lesbian Ass Worship.  It is my pride and joy, because it was my first movie back, and I was told, “Do whatever you want.” Naturally I made an ass worship movie because I LOVE ass.  Specifically, big, round asses.  I also love assholes, but that’s another blog topic.  Shooting Lesbian Ass Worship for me was tantamount to being a little kid in Toys R’ Us with a black Amex—I not only shot amazing face sitting and ass-licking, but I also got to play with Karlie Montana’s ass.  I love her with the fire of a thousand suns.  Sorry, I always try to work Karlie Montana into all my conversations.  Sometimes it works, other times it’s so out of context that I come off as weird, like when I talked to the cashier at Whole Foods.  Anyway, it was through shooting Lesbian Ass Worship that I met Sinn Sage.  During the casting process, both Celeste Star (who is fucking amazing and I will devote a whole post to her later), and Karlie Montana (one day I will marry her and we will live in a commune) raved about Sinn.  I was like, who is this Sinn Sage character? I looked her up, saw her amazing ass and hot-as-fuck body and thought to myself, how come she’s not sitting on my face right now? More importantly, how do I get her in my movie? I figured she’d be great to shoot with Celeste Star.  I got in touch with her and shot her with Celeste.  I almost died.  That is, I felt like I was going to die.  Seriously, I had a migraine brought on by general stress, learning to shoot stills and then not enough coffee.  The scene was incredible, and I struggled to keep up with Sinn and Celeste’s intensity as my head felt like it had an ax protruding from it.

Sinn Sage-Bootylicious

After that scene I went on to shoot Sinn in other scenes, and was honored when she asked me to shoot camera for her directorial debut “Sinn Sage’s A-Cup Lesbians.” I’ve been shooting her regularly for Sweetheart Video, and am continually left stunned and slack-jawed by her performances.  She’s compelling, for lack of a better word.  I shot her over a week ago with Francesca Le, and was so delighted when the cameras turned off and Sinn and Francesca KEPT GOING.  These women are the real thing.  When I watch Sinn I see a woman who wants to be there—exactly where she is and doing what she’s doing.  Sinn is never indifferent, and always present.  It should always be like that in porn, but often it isn’t.

After shooting Sinn in July, I quickly added her to my roster of “go-to” girls—my mental list of strong and aggressive performers who are also good to put with newer, less experienced girls.  For each scene Sinn would show up, usually looking a little like a skater, carrying a backpack, wearing glasses and holding a huge cup of Starbucks coffee.  It’s fun to watch the transformation happen.  Sinn is always hot, but usually understated when I see her off-camera.  She’s got this robust, healthy body with a muscular stomach and these strong legs.  I am partial to what I call “healthy girls.”  I like girls that look like they play soccer or field hockey and have good skin.  It’s just my thing—reminds me of being at Mills and seeing the girls play soccer, or fapping to girls on my rowing team.  Ok, fine, I fucked two of the girls on my team.  It really shouldn’t come as a surprise.  Anyway, Sinn also has these crazy, sexy eyes.  One time, on the Dr. Suzy Show last October, I accused her of trying to hypnotize me with them.  She was on top of me and molesting my armpit.  For those of you who don’t know I love armpits, and abhor deodorant.  Sinn was totally going to town on my armpits and then would stop and stare into my eyes.  I was turned on, but also really nervous and a little intimidated because I’m awkward and have no game.  Sinn, however, is a force to be reckoned with.

Sinn is unique and special in an industry filled with generically pretty, cookie cutter girls who all kind of run together to such a degree that I can never remember what they look like after meeting them or seeing them in movies or pictures.  Sinn’s beauty is both accessible and unusual: nobody looks like her, nobody has that insane butt, and she gives the impression that she could give a fuck what you think anyway…which is hot.

Me & Sinn

So ends my ode to Sinn Sage. I feel really fortunate to be able to perform with, and shoot, girls like Sinn.  She is a constant reminder, along with Celeste Star, Karlie Montana, Samantha Ryan, Jelena Jensen, Lily Cade, Asa Akira, Sovereign Syre and Kara Price (to name a few) of why I shoot, and why I perform.  The full reason why I shoot and perform is for another time.  I have to go to bed now… I’m shooting Sinn tomorrow! 😀

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Who Am I, Anyway? – Dana Vespoli

Dana Vespoli

Guess what? I’ve never blogged before.  Can you believe it? I know…I feel like I was raised by wolves or something.  I’ve written scripts, college theses, articles and I regularly tweet, so you’d think blogging wouldn’t be so challenging, but here we are.  Well, to be fair, my writing might suck, but what do you care? If you want groundbreaking essays go read The New Yorker, assholes! Sorry.  That was out of line, but I’m laughing a little at the same time.

I’m just going to make this really easy on myself and go with an introduction.  I’m going to assume that most of you, save for die-hard porn fans, don’t know who I am.  I’m an adult actress and director who started in the industry in August of 2003.  I performed for eight months—doing boy/girl and girl/girl scenes and was mostly know for having a big butt and being into anal.  I refer to myself as an “anal enthusiast.” I still am, by the way.  Old habits die hard.  I’m serious.  I have a bunch of anal toys and a few anal speculums under the sink in my office bathroom.  Anyway, I took a break after eight months because I was exhausted and had fallen in love and moved to France, and blah blah…you know how it goes when you’re in love and tired from doing too much double penetration on an empty stomach.  During my hiatus I started writing articles for Hot Video—a French porn magazine.  It was cool, and visiting porn sets made me miss performing.  I came back into the business in 2005, and started directing for New Sensations/Digital Sin in January of 2006.  The last boy/girl scene I did was for my first movie: Cock Starved.  I continued to do girl/girl scenes in my movies, but wanted to focus on shooting camera, directing and family life.  From about 2006-2009 I directed for a few companies, including Bangbros, and then left the business completely until July of 2011.

I was really happy when Dion Giarusso asked me to shoot a girl/girl movie for his company, Filly Films.  I shot “Lesbian Ass Worship,” followed by “Celeste Star: Teen Hunter.”  I also learned how to shoot my own stills.  It felt so good to hold a camera again.  It also felt so good to fuck Karlie Montana again.  Yes, that girl is one of my favorites.  I feel so sleazy always putting myself with her in scenes I direct, but whatever.  I’m the director, right? Aren’t we supposed to abuse power? I’m going to start promising guys contracts and box covers and make them have sex with me in the bathroom.  Just kidding.  Or am I…?

Ok, I keep getting off topic.  I’d blame caffeine but I last had coffee 10 hours ago.  Ok.  It’s my hormones.  I’m off topic again.

For real this time…I started performing girl/girl sex scenes in the movies I was shooting for Filly Films, and then Nica Noelle, who was shooting for Sweetheart, Sweet Sinner, and Sweet Sinema at the time, asked me to do a scene in a girl/girl movie.  I’d spoken to her about my directing and had shown her a script I had written, and shortly after that she introduced me to Jon at Mile High Media, just as she was transitioning over to AEBN.  From there I was given the opportunity to direct for Sweetheart.  It’s has been amazing.  I love the crew I work with, and I enjoy writing scripts and occasionally popping up in scenes either as a performer or a non-sex performer.  Sometimes I touch the girls’ butts, which is a perk.  I always pretend it was by accident.  Tomorrow I’m going to “fall” and land on Francesca Le when she’s naked.  Maybe not.  I don’t want her to get mad.

So…that’s me in a nutshell.  I’d write more, but I’m hungry and my arm itches. 😛

If you want to see me in a Sweetheart film—then get excited because Lesbian Truth or Dare 7 is out this month and I get to devour Aiden Starr in it!

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