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Dana Vespoli

Guess what? I’ve never blogged before.  Can you believe it? I know…I feel like I was raised by wolves or something.  I’ve written scripts, college theses, articles and I regularly tweet, so you’d think blogging wouldn’t be so challenging, but here we are.  Well, to be fair, my writing might suck, but what do you care? If you want groundbreaking essays go read The New Yorker, assholes! Sorry.  That was out of line, but I’m laughing a little at the same time.

I’m just going to make this really easy on myself and go with an introduction.  I’m going to assume that most of you, save for die-hard porn fans, don’t know who I am.  I’m an adult actress and director who started in the industry in August of 2003.  I performed for eight months—doing boy/girl and girl/girl scenes and was mostly know for having a big butt and being into anal.  I refer to myself as an “anal enthusiast.” I still am, by the way.  Old habits die hard.  I’m serious.  I have a bunch of anal toys and a few anal speculums under the sink in my office bathroom.  Anyway, I took a break after eight months because I was exhausted and had fallen in love and moved to France, and blah blah…you know how it goes when you’re in love and tired from doing too much double penetration on an empty stomach.  During my hiatus I started writing articles for Hot Video—a French porn magazine.  It was cool, and visiting porn sets made me miss performing.  I came back into the business in 2005, and started directing for New Sensations/Digital Sin in January of 2006.  The last boy/girl scene I did was for my first movie: Cock Starved.  I continued to do girl/girl scenes in my movies, but wanted to focus on shooting camera, directing and family life.  From about 2006-2009 I directed for a few companies, including Bangbros, and then left the business completely until July of 2011.

I was really happy when Dion Giarusso asked me to shoot a girl/girl movie for his company, Filly Films.  I shot “Lesbian Ass Worship,” followed by “Celeste Star: Teen Hunter.”  I also learned how to shoot my own stills.  It felt so good to hold a camera again.  It also felt so good to fuck Karlie Montana again.  Yes, that girl is one of my favorites.  I feel so sleazy always putting myself with her in scenes I direct, but whatever.  I’m the director, right? Aren’t we supposed to abuse power? I’m going to start promising guys contracts and box covers and make them have sex with me in the bathroom.  Just kidding.  Or am I…?

Ok, I keep getting off topic.  I’d blame caffeine but I last had coffee 10 hours ago.  Ok.  It’s my hormones.  I’m off topic again.

For real this time…I started performing girl/girl sex scenes in the movies I was shooting for Filly Films, and then Nica Noelle, who was shooting for Sweetheart, Sweet Sinner, and Sweet Sinema at the time, asked me to do a scene in a girl/girl movie.  I’d spoken to her about my directing and had shown her a script I had written, and shortly after that she introduced me to Jon at Mile High Media, just as she was transitioning over to AEBN.  From there I was given the opportunity to direct for Sweetheart.  It’s has been amazing.  I love the crew I work with, and I enjoy writing scripts and occasionally popping up in scenes either as a performer or a non-sex performer.  Sometimes I touch the girls’ butts, which is a perk.  I always pretend it was by accident.  Tomorrow I’m going to “fall” and land on Francesca Le when she’s naked.  Maybe not.  I don’t want her to get mad.

So…that’s me in a nutshell.  I’d write more, but I’m hungry and my arm itches. 😛

If you want to see me in a Sweetheart film—then get excited because Lesbian Truth or Dare 7 is out this month and I get to devour Aiden Starr in it!

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